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On the way to a redesign of this whole site I’ve been creating, during lockdown, a database of theology on YouTube. It is still very much in process but it now has links to the almost 250 theologians you can see below and also on this webpage.

You can use the sort and filter tools to find things easily. The “AV authored” field tells you how many YouTube videos I’ve found from them.

Below and here is the key data from the database table with approaching 9,000 videos. It is able to be filtered and sorted by the visible fields which include the length of the videos either as an exact number or one of five categories.

Although there are no tags (perhaps later…), by using the filter option the base is effectively searchable across the fields. For example you can:

  • use key words in titles or descriptions (these are as they were posted on YouTube so sadly vary in their usefulness) such as names of biblical books, theological terms. This should enable you to find relevant videos related to, for example, euthanasia or Genesis without too much difficulty.
  • combine filters to find, for example, all videos of Tom Wright which include Romans in their title or description or all videos in a certain length range or category from a particular theologian
  • sort filtered results by any of the fields to see them in alphabetical order of theologian, length etc.

If you click on any record its card will open and you can then click on the link in the URL field to watch the video in YouTube.

I’d really appreciate any feedback whether by email to or in comments below. I hope to continue to develop this database and also to see how to make it available through this site. Suggestions welcome on other theologians to add as I update it, how to present it better, links to any videos missed etc. I hope to have a similar table for written online resources in theology and ethics (including those currently on this site) up and running at some point.

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