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Theology on YouTube

This site contains a number of posts with videos from YouTube but this is the fullest guide to these resources. It gives access to a database of thousands of YouTube videos from dozens of leading theologians and is regularly being updated.  To access any video simply click on the title in the first column (“Video”) which will open up the YouTube video in a new tab. In the table below you can search on the left hand side by a range of variables – by typing in a word in the top “Video” box to see if it is in the video title (note these are usually the title on YouTube and may not be that informative).  The list filters as you type. by choosing a source who has uploaded the video to YouTube from the dropdown list by a date range (of when posted – the recording itself may be considerably older) by a length range (in minutes) by choosing a theologian from the dropdown list (number shows how many videos there are for them) by choosing a playlist (only slightly more extensive than the theologian list) from the dropdown list.  In the table this is also a link…

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