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Theology and Ethics Podcasts

Last Updated on 8 January, 2024 by Andrew Goddard

There are an enormous number of podcasts providing helpful and thoughtful input on issues relating to theology and Christian ethics. This is my ongoing attempt to develop a catalogue of these using an Airtable database. There are currently approaching 150 different podcasts and over 27,000 episodes in the database with episodes being added regularly as they appear.

If you spot errors or gaps or wish to provide feedback or to suggest other podcasts please use the comments to do this.

The data is presented in two formats – a grid and a gallery – and each of these are able to be sorted and filtered by their various fields. In a gallery, clicking on any entry should open up a card with the details for that entry visible. In a grid, if you put the mouse next to the row number on the left side an expand record option should appear to get the same information. I hope to add more information on how to use the databases to find information but would suggest to find podcasts on a particular subject or relating to a particular person you filter the episodes database on its “Episodes” field and “Episodes Summary” field (the latter is obviously more detailed but not every podcast has a summary).

Podcasts (Alphabetically ordered by default)

Podcast Episodes (Most Recent first)

The default sorting of the gallery and the grid is by the date of each episode with the most recent episodes therefore at the top. If you wish to see which episodes have been added to the database most recently (including older podcasts) you should use the Sort option to sort by Entry Date.

Marriage as a Covenant: A Study of Biblical Law and Ethics Governing Marriage Developed from the Perspective of Malachi (Hugenberger, 1991)

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