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The emergence of canonical theism (Abraham, 2008)

From “Canonical Theism: A Proposal for Theology and the Church”:
Canonical theism as a living option for both church and academy emerged over time as a fruit of intense personal struggle within the contours of contemporary Protestantism. Having expressed its claims elsewhere in this volume in terms of cold-blooded, impersonal theses, my aim in this paper is to provide a brief account of the spiritual and intellectual journey that lies behind it.

Confessing Christ: A Quest for Renewal in Contemporary Christianity (Abraham)

“The deep question which the appearance of a variety of confessing movements poses for mainline Protestantism, then, is this. Can the destructive virus as represented by the explicit adoption of epistemological theory at the very core of the church’s life be eliminated? Or is modern Protestantism doomed to an existence where serial marriage to the epistemologies of its cultural elites is ineradicable?”

“Try It, You’ll Like It!”: The Promises and Pitfalls of Renewal in the Methodist Tradition (Abraham, 2010)

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