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Theology as Knowledge (Hauerwas, 2006, symposium with others)

“We must bring to an end the disciplinary divisions that invite theologians to say, “I cannot comment on St. Paul’s understanding of the gospel because scripture is not my field.” Indeed the attempt to make theology “objective” through the transformation of theology into a historical discipline must be seen for what it is: a way to separate theology from its source, which is the praise of God. Of course, none of us are capable of knowing all we need to know to do the work of theology, but we must not forget that we know all we need to know to make the work of theology compelling: God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself.”

In Response: Forgiveness & Forgetting (Hauerwas, 1980)

“It is rightfully our task to “never forget,” but I think we cannot discharge that task if we never forgive. For without forgiveness our memories are clouded by hate, vengeance, and/or denial. Therefore my call for Christians to learn how to be forgiven – forgiven even for a reality as horrible as the Holocaust – was meant to insure that we do not forget what happened there”