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A Theologian For These Times? Review of Hauerwas, With the Grain of the Universe (Marsh, 2002)

“So fierce is Hauerwas’s protest against Niebuhr that any concession on pacifism is taken as an offense against the nonviolent God of Jesus Christ”.

Stanley Hauerwas: Celebrity, Theologian & Reviver (2001)

“His admonishing voice may grate, and we may wish he would clean up his language, but in this age we need to listen to whatever voice is available to us telling the truth that needs to be heard, particularly if we want to resolutely avoid hearing it.”

General in a small army: Hauerwas battles for pacifism (Hauerwas profile, 2003)

“William Cavanaugh, a friend and fellow theologian, has this to say about Hauerwas’ tough nature: “Indeed, of all the great Christian pacifists over the centuries–Hippolytus, Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther King–Stanley Hauerwas is the one I would want on my side in a bar fight.” Hauerwas himself says one reason he so loudly proclaims his non-violent ethic is that others might keep him from killing someone”

‘America’s best theologian’ walks pacifist road (Hauerwas, 2003)

“I say I’m a pacifist because I’m a violent son of a bitch. I’m a Texan. I can feel it in every bone I’ve got. And I hate the language of pacifism because it’s too passive,” he says. “But by avowing it, I create expectations in others that hopefully will help me live faithfully to what I know is true but that I have no confidence in my own ability to live it at all”.