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New Christian Zionism (McDermott, 2018)

Interview transcript

00:15 McDermott’s interest in Christian Zionism
03:55 What is the New Christian Zionism?
06:55 McDermott explains his book The New Christian Zionism
16:10 History of Christian Zionism
25:00 Importance of Israel as a legal nation
33:30 Are the concepts of Zionism and Israel as a Jewish state racist?\
43:20 Theological implications of Christian Zionism

NT Wright on the Old Testament’s Relevance for Atonement & Why He Became a Biblical Scholar (NT Wright, 2018)

0:22 – Why did you decide to enter into biblical studies?
3:17 – How did you balance being both a scholar and member of the clergy?
7:36 – How has being a member of and participant in the Logos institute been fruitful for the sort of dialogue it hopes to foster?
9:29 – Can history correct theology? What order of authority should we take them to have with respect to each other?
11:59 – How does the epistemology of love connect with human motivation and divine action?
14:52 – Is Isaiah 53 the only passage from the Hebrew Scriptures that is relevant to understanding the atonement? If not, then in what ways is it significant for studies on the atonement?

Tom Wright on Epistemology, Eschatology, and Apocalyptic (NT Wright, 2018)

0:30 – An Epistemology of Love?
6:53 – Broken Signposts and the Cross
12:14 – History, Eschatology, Apocalyptic and some history of biblical scholarship
18:33 – What are some common Biblical Themes that some people in the church misunderstand or misapply that are particularly important to try and correct?