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The God We Worship: A Liturgical Theology (Kantzer Lectures) (Wolterstorff, 2013)

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Christian theology comes in many different configurations. In these lectures, Nicholas Wolterstorff makes explicit the understanding of God that is implicit in Christian liturgy, then articulates that understanding. In preparation for constructive project, Wolterstorff discusses the nature of liturgy in general, and of Christian liturgy in particular, and explains what it is to make explicit what is implicit.

Lecture 1: The Project: Liturgical Theology
Lecture 2: God as Worthy of Worship
Lecture 3: God as One Who Listens and Speaks
Lecture 4: God as Listener
Lecture 5: What are We Saying When We Say that God Listens?
Lecture 6: God as One Who Hears Favorably
Lecture 7: God as One Who Speaks
Lecture 8: The Understanding of God Implicit in the Eucharist

New Christian Zionism (McDermott, 2018)

Interview transcript

00:15 McDermott’s interest in Christian Zionism
03:55 What is the New Christian Zionism?
06:55 McDermott explains his book The New Christian Zionism
16:10 History of Christian Zionism
25:00 Importance of Israel as a legal nation
33:30 Are the concepts of Zionism and Israel as a Jewish state racist?\
43:20 Theological implications of Christian Zionism

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Theologian of the Word of God (Ziegler, 2013)

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