Tapes from Scotland – Sermons & Talks

I was blessed to grow up in St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow under the teaching ministry of people like Eric Alexander, Sinclair Ferguson, David Ellis, Richard Buckley and others. Some time ago I found the great Tapes from Scotland website which has literally thousands of expository sermons and talks by them and other great (mainly Scottish, all male, broadly Reformed) preachers such as James and George Philip and William Still.

I’ve adapted their spreadsheet of the recordings so as to include links to each recording on their site and you can access and search through them below.

You can scroll through the whole dataset 15 recordings at a time using the arrows at the top and bottom or you can order any column alphabetically by clicking on its title but it is obviously better to use the quite elaborate search and filter process on the left hand side.

Speaker – this is a drop-down list of all speakers showing number of recordings. You can select one or more of these.

Scripture – if the recording has a text assigned (many do not) this column gives it so start typing (eg “Ro”) and it will instantly filter the data to help you find a sermon on a particular passage. Note there is not (currently at least) total consistency on abbreviations for biblical books and obviously shorter searches will find more (eg “Ex” gets more than “Exodus”).

Series Title – almost all recordings are part of a series and often these are a series on a book of the Bible. You can therefore type in a biblical book and it will filter as you type and find whole sermon series on that book. This will find more than the “Scripture” search. If you want to see the full list of series titles use the drop-down list under Unique Series which distinguishes different series with the same titles.

Title – many sermons (especially when not part of preaching through a biblical book) have a title. As you type it will filter the data and so you can find sermons on, for example, doctrinal subjects such as adoption, atonement, new birth, justification. You can then see the Unique Series that it is in and find other similar sermons.

Unique Series – this is a drop-down listing of all series and distinguishes series with the same name.

By using these categories together you can filter and narrow your search eg all sermons by Ferguson on sonship.

More actions – allows you to clear all filters to start a new search, to get a URL for your filtered search, or to print.

There are, inevitably, in a dataset this size, some errors for which apologies. Do comment if you find any or if other data in the table or other ways of searching the dataset would be helpful (eg Tapes from Scotland includes the sermon’s number within a series and the sermon duration)

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