Studying Galatians

Studying Galatians

Tomorrow I start a monthly Bible Study on Galatians with curates in Southwark Diocese.  In preparing for this first session was amazed at how many resources are online.  Here’s what I’ve put together as an initial guide

Classic Commentaries available free online

Aquinas in both Latin and English translation

Luther (also available here)

Calvin – both commentary and some of his sermons

Lightfoot (Classic 19th century Anglican text) is available in various versions and formats at the Internet Archive and also on Google books as below

Burton (Classic ICC Commentary, 1920) can be downloaded in PDF and other formats


Contemporary Commentaries online

IVP New Testament Commentary by Hansen (1993)

A Short Commentary by Garlington (this is a 193pp summary of the third edition of an over 400pp commentary from 2007 written from within New Perspective)


Tom Wright on Galatians

Excellent 10mins video introduction

Gospel & Theology in Galatians



The Letter to the Galatians: Exegesis and Theology

Other online resources

Links to other online commentaries are available at

Links to various online resources for Galatians at NT Gateway and Biblical Studies sites

For wider online resources on Pauline scholarship, especially the New Perspective debates, see The Paul Page

There is also a useful blog devoted to Galatians and resources on it

Recent Commentaries on Galatians

There is a helpful list of commentaries (I cannot vouch for its rankings!)

A fuller assessment is available here

Grove has a more dated (1996) guide


Other Studies in Galatians

Barclay – Obeying the Truth (T & T Clark, 1988)

Dunn – Paul’s Letter to the Galatians (CUP, 1994)

Longenecker – The Triumph of Abraham’s God: The Transformation of Identity in Galatians (T&T Clark, 1998, the first 45pp or so of this are on Google books)

The more recent books I have found most helpful are

  • Wright’s work (on Galatians at a popular level see his “Paul For Everyone: Galatians and Thessalonians)
  • Hays, Richard B. “The Letter to the Galatians.” New Interpreter’s Bible. Nashville: Abingdon, 2000, Vol. 11, 181–348.
  • Longenecker (Triumph of Abraham’s God, 1998).  His father (Richard Longenecker) has a commentary in the Word series which is also helpful).
  • Witherington (Grace in Galatia, 1998)
  • Dunn – Paul’s Letter to the Galatians (CUP, 1994)
  • Bruce (NIGTC, 1982, on Greek text)

Others I hope to explore during this year’s study include Garlington (New Perspective – see free shorter commentary above), Schreiner (2010, more classic Reformed evangelical commentary) and Fee (Pentecostal commentary, 2007).

Douglas Moo’s forthcoming commentary will be a significant one and a sense of his understanding of some of the key debates can be found in his article on Justification in Galatians in the Carson Festschrift


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