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Remarks at Final Plenary Session of Lambeth Conference (Ford, 2008)

Asking people the question: Where has the Conference been most at home together? the same answer has been given time and again: we have been most at home in worship and in the small Bible study groups. The worship has never been without the Bible at its
centre, and the Bible studies have been embraced by worship. And at the heart of both Bible and worship is what perhaps unites us
most strongly: the desire for God, that hunger and thirst for God which is itself a gift of God.

Archbishop Rowan Williams. Pro Ecclesia (O’Donovan, 2003).

I remarked to John Macquarrie, as we ambled up Oxford’s Cornmarket early in 1984, that it seemed we had found him a worthy successor as Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity. “Ay, it will be fine,” the ironic Scot replied, “if only he’s out of jail at the time!” For the young professor designate, still Dean of Clare College, Cambridge, had just been newsworthily arrested accompanying his students on a protest sit-in at an American military …