Just War Theory: Classical and contemporary issues (Capizi, Hedahl, Bagnulo, Skerker, 2015)

In this wide ranging panel, Dr. Mitt Regan, Georgetown Law, discusses the evolution of the question of whether punishment can be a just cause for war; Dr. Joseph Capizi, Catholic University of America, considers jurisdictional and sovereignty questions on just use of force; Dr. Marcus Hedahl, U.S. Naval Academy, examines the pedagogical use of the individualist or domestic analogy for the ethics of war; Dr. Ashleen Bagnulo, Furman University, discusses the centrality of the jus ad bellum criterion of proper authority and considers modern challenges for that criteria that arise from the existence of supra-national organizations such as the U.N., deeply divided but representative democracies and non-state actors; Dr. Michael Skerker, USNA, considers the question of whether the motives or nature of a state affect the moral status of any combatants from that state, as regards their rights in combat, or obligations.

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