Teaching the Western Just War Tradition (Naval Academy, 2015)

Dr. Martin Cook, US Naval War College, Dr. Chris Eberle, US Naval Academy, Midshipman Andrea Howard and Midshipman Eric Swanson discuss the ethics and Just War curricula at the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval War College. Dr. Cook presently teaches what has come to be known as the “Stockdale Course”, which is based upon the Book “Foundations of Moral Obligation” written by Gerard Brennan, with the help of Admiral Stockdale. The course has been offered by the War College since the days of Admiral Stockdale’s tenure there. Dr. Eberle discussed the Ethics and Moral Reasoning course that is required study for all midshipmen during their 3rd class year. Midshipmen Howard and Swanson reflected on that course and made suggestions as to how it could be refined and tailored, to be responsive to all service selections, and expanding the units dealing with jus in bello issues that junior officers are likely to face in the Navy.

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