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  James Alison (1959-), author and international speaker, is a Roman Catholic priest who was brought up in an evangelical Anglican home (son of a Conservative MP, Michael Alison, baptised as an infant by John Stott). I discovered James Alison’s work through my research in relation to sexuality and he is a writer whose books I always buy as he is such a stimulating and provocative thinker.  Although he has written widely in relation to homosexuality as a gay Catholic priest his work covers a much greater range of subjects, his doctoral work being on the doctrine of original sin. All of his writing is shaped by the thought of Rene Girard which he creatively relates to Christian theology and ethics, often producing fascinating insights into biblical texts. His main areas of writing are Girard, spirituality, sexuality and sin. Contact Details: cgfragments @ My Library at LibraryThing Websites on Alison [link-library settings=’2′ categorylistoverride=”448″] Posts on Alison on this site         Last updated: Sept 2011

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Abraham, William – Profile

William J. (“Billy”) Abraham (1947-), an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, is Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies and Altschuler Distinguished Teaching Professor at Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, TX.

I first got to know William Abraham’s work through his Oxford doctorate on the inspiration of Scripture (where I found he offered an evangelical alternative to the “inerrantist” tradition of Warfield and Hodge) and his work on evangelism. He has most recently been at the heart of the Canonical Theism movement.

His stated areas of expertise are religious epistemology, John Wesley, Wesleyan and Methodist theology, doctrine of revelation, systematic theology, philosophy of religion, evangelism, Cardinal Newman, renewal movements in Christianity, ecclesiology, theological education

Contact Details:; 214.768.2040

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