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Bauckham, Richard – Profile

Richard Bauckham (b. 1946) recently retired as Professor of New Testament at St Andrew’s University is now an Associate Staff member at Ridley Hall in Cambridge . In addition to his writings on New Testament he has written extensively on both historical theology and contemporary theology where he is an expert on Moltmann.


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Cahill, Lisa Sowle – Profile


Lisa Sowle Cahill is J. Donald Monan Professor, Boston College where she has taught since 1976 and has been a visiting professor at Georgetown and Yale Universities. She is a leading Roman Catholic moral theologian who has been willing to criticize and develop traditional teaching in relation to both sexual and medical ethics. She is Past President of both the Catholic Theological Society of America (1992-93) and the Society of Christian Ethics (1997-98).

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Boersma, Hans – Profile

I first discovered Hans Boersma through his work on the atonement and violence – Violence, Hospitality and the Cross: Reappropriating the Atonement Tradition  He is an evangelical theologian who serves as J.I. Packer Professor of Theology, Regents College, Vancouver. He did his doctoral work (at the State University of Utrecht) on the doctrine of justification in the 17th century Puritan theologian Richard Baxter.

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Bockmuehl, Markus – Profile

Markus Bockmuehl is Professor of Biblical and Early Christian Studies and Fellow in Theology at Keble College, Oxford.

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Biggar, Nigel – Profile

Nigel Biggar, an ordained Anglican priest, is Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Christ Church, Oxford University where he is also Director of the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics & Public Life.. He was previously Professor of Theology & Ethics at Trinity College, Dublin.  He is best known for his writing on Barth’s ethics and the ethics of euthanasia.

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Begbie, Jeremy – Profile

Jeremy Begbie, an ordained Anglican, is Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology at Duke University where he is also Director of Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts.  He has previously held posts at St Andrew’s University and at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.  His area of speciality is Christian doctrine and particularly Christianity and music and the arts.

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Banner, Michael – Profile

Michael Banner, an ordained Anglican priest, is Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge, He has served as Director of the ESRC Genomics Research Program and F.D. Maurice Professor of Moral and Social Theology at King’s College, London. He has been active on various government commissions, chairing a MAFF Committee of Enquiry on the Ethics of Emerging Technologies in the Breeding of Farm Animals (1993-5) and the Department of Health’s CJD Incidents Panel (2000-3). From 1998 to 2006 he also chaired the Home Office’s Animal Procedures Committee.  He has been a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and of the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission.

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Bader-Saye, Scott – Profile

Scott Bader Saye has been Helen and Everett H. Jones Professor of Christian Ethics and Moral Theology at the Episcopal Seminary of the South West since 2009 (he previously served as Associate Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Scranton). He is best known for his work, Church and Israel after Christendom: The Politics of Election (1999, reprinted 2005). His PhD is from Duke University and he also has an MDiv from Yale Divinity School. His teaching and research interests include social ethics, theological economy, political theology, missional church (fresh expressions/new monasticism/emergent), and Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue.

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Last updated: Sept 2011

Ashley, Benedict – Profile

Benedict M. Ashley, O.P, (1915-) served as Professor of Moral Theology, Aquinas Institute of Theology from 1951 with a short break in the early 1970s. He has written extensively in the area of philosophy, particuarly Christian ethics and served as consultant to the U.S. Catholic Bishops on moral matters. He has also been Professor of Moral Theology at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C. and the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Arlington, Virginia.

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Alison, James – Profile


James Alison (1959-), author and international speaker, is a Roman Catholic priest who was brought up in an evangelical Anglican home (son of a Conservative MP, Michael Alison, baptised as an infant by John Stott).

I discovered James Alison’s work through my research in relation to sexuality and he is a writer whose books I always buy as he is such a stimulating and provocative thinker.  Although he has written widely in relation to homosexuality as a gay Catholic priest his work covers a much greater range of subjects, his doctoral work being on the doctrine of original sin. All of his writing is shaped by the thought of Rene Girard which he creatively relates to Christian theology and ethics, often producing fascinating insights into biblical texts.

His main areas of writing are Girard, spirituality, sexuality and sin.

Contact Details: cgfragments @

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Last updated: Sept 2011