Author: <span>Andrew Goddard</span>

Exodus: A Guide to Resources

This page presents all the website’s material on Exodus divided into 5 broad categories. Where there are many links, they are divided across separate pages accessible at the bottom of each tab. The first 3 tabs divide the material broadly into Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced level documents and videos. The resources tab gives links to material relating to bibliographies, commentaries, commentary surveys and wider resources. Finally, you can also access a full alphabetical listing of …

Bauckham, Richard – Profile

Richard Bauckham (b. 1946) recently retired as Professor of New Testament at St Andrew’s University is now an Associate Staff member at Ridley Hall in Cambridge . In addition to his writings on New Testament he has written extensively on both historical theology and contemporary theology where he is an expert on Moltmann.   Websites on Bauckham [link-library settings=’2′ categorylistoverride=”635″] Posts on Bauckham on this site           [link-library-addlink settings=2]