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Evangelism and Discipleship: The God Who Calls, the God Who Sends (Brueggemann, 2004)

I begin with four affirmations that I will exposit in some detail: (1) The God of the gospel is a God who calls persons and communities to God’s own self, to engage in praise and obedience. (2) The God of the gospel is a God who sends persons and communities to claim many zones of the world for God’s governance of “justice, mercy, and faith” (Matt 23:23). (3) The God of the gospel lives among and in contestation with many other gods who also call and send, but whose praise and obedience are false, precisely because there is no commitment to “justice, mercy, and faith.”. (4) Consequently, the persons and communities called by this God for praise and obedience and sent by this God for justice, mercy, and faith also live among and in contestation with other gods, other loyalties, other authorities. Inescapably, the ones called and sent are always yet again deciding for this one who calls and sends. This endless process of deciding again is accomplished in freedom from all other calling gods and all other sending loyalties. That endless deciding, moreover, requires great passion, imagination, and intentionality.

The Theology of Evangelism: The Heart of the Matter (Abraham, 1994)

The central task of a theology of evangelism is to provide a clear and credible account of the ministry of evangelism which will foster and illuminate responsible evangelistic practices by the Christian church and its agents in the modern world.
To date very limited attention has been given to this crucial subject