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A Season of Repentance: An Open Letter to United Methodists (Hays, 2004)

A PROPOSAL: Let us stop fighting one another, for a season, about issues of sexuality, so that we can focus on what God is saying to the church about our complicity in the violence that is the deepest moral crisis of our time. And let us call the church to fasting and prayer in repentance for the destruction our nation has inflicted upon the people of Iraq.

Note on Divorce as a Disqualification for the Episcopate (O’Donovan, 2010)

This note from Professor Oliver O’Donovan was made available to the House of Bishops as background material for its consideration of these matters prior to its decision to release its statement at GS Misc 960, following its meeting in May 2010. Download full note as RTF document here

The Question of “Gay” Carers. Latimer Comment 55 (O’Donovan, 1994)

Recent news reports and specific requests have raised the question whether it is possible for a Christian adoption agency to place children for adoption with a homosexual couple. Let us first of all attempt to clarify the precise dimensions of this question.