Author: <span>Richard B. Hays</span>

Salvation by Trust?: Reading the Bible Faithfully (Hays, 1997)

The Protestant reformers of the 16th century proclaimed that God’s word in scripture must serve as the final judge of all human tradition and experience. Left to our own devices we are capable of infinite self-deception, confusion and evil. We therefore must turn to scripture and submit ourselves to it, the Reformers insisted, in order to find our disorders rightly diagnosed and healed. Only through the biblical writers’ testimony do we encounter the message of God’s grace; only the revelation of Jesus Christ, disclosed uniquely and irreplaceably through the testimony of the evangelists and apostles, tells us the truth about the merciful God and our relationship to that God. Without this word which comes to us from outside ourselves, we are lost.

Ethics in the Light of the Resurrection (Hays, 2003)

“Ethics in Light of the Resurrection” with Dr. Richard Hays, George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at The Divinity School of Duke University. The Willson-Addis Lecture was held Feb. 19 in the Paul W. Powell Chapel at Truett Seminary.
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