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Scripture and Christian Ethics (O’Donovan, 2007)

“How Can I Understand, Unless Someone Explains It to Me?” (Acts 8:30–31): Evangelicals and Biblical Hermeneutics (Provan, 2007)

Lost in Interpretation?: Truth, Scripture and Hermeneutics (Vanhoozer, 2005)

The Book of Psalms as the Book of Christ (Shepherd, 1995 PhD)

Chris Wright Q&A (Chris Wright, 2014)

Reading Notes: Theological Epistemology (Vanhoozer, 2016)

Kevin Vanhoozer introduces classical and contemporary literature related to theological epistemology

Interview with Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer (Vanhoozer, 2014)


How Do We Read the Bible? (Yeago, 2013)


How Do We Read the Bible (Hays, 2013)


Figural Reading of the Old Testament in the New: Seminar (Hays and others, 2015)