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Discerning the Dawn: History, Eschatology and New Creation: Gifford Lectures 2018 (NT Wright, 2018)

Lecture One – The Fallen Shrine: Lisbon 1755 and the Triumph of Epicureanism

Lecture Two – The Questioned Book: Critical Scholarship and the Gospels

Lecture Three – The Shifting Sand: The Meanings of ‘History’

Lecture Four – The End of the World? Eschatology and Apocalyptic in Historical Perspective

Lecture Five – The Stone the Builders Rejected: Jesus, the Temple and the Kingdom

Lecture Six – A New Creation: Resurrection and Epistemology

Lecture 7 – Broken Signposts? New Answers for the Right Questions


Lecture 8 – The Waiting Chalice: Natural Theology and the Missio Dei

Meet This Book: Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (2nd edn) (Bauckham, 2017)

This book calls for a paradigm shift in the study of Gospel traditions and the origins of the Gospels. It argues that the four Gospels are closely based on the eyewitness testimony of those who knew Jesus.

How God Became King (NT Wright, 2013)

“At the heart of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is this enormous claim that something actually happened right there at the beginning of the first century through the work and death and resurrection of Jesus, something happened which has transformed the world”.