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Bowing Before Christ – Nodding to the State? Reading Paul Politically with Oliver O’Donovan and John Howard Yoder (Dorothea H. Bertschmann, 2012)

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When The Politics of Jesus Makes A Difference (Hauerwas, 1993)

“Yoder may well help us to use the remaining resources of that tradition to help Christians rediscover ways to serve our non-Christian brothers and sisters by being unwavering in our commitment to the politics of Jesus”.

Remembering John Howard Yoder (1927-1997), (Hauerwas, 1998)

“Yet like it or not John changed my life, and I think he ought to be held accountable for that. Reading Yoder made me a pacifist. It did so because John taught me that nonviolence was not just another “moral issue” but constitutes the heart of our worship of a crucified messiah.”

Embodying the Gospel in Community (Hays, 2000)

One thing I have learned from the Radical Reformers is that theological thought can never be separated from its embodiment in concrete communities of worship and service. Thus, when asked how my thought has been shaped by engagement with Radical Reformation theology, I must reply-in the spirit of what I have learned from the Anabaptist tradition-that I cannot answer the question without explaining how my life has been shaped by encounter with radical reformation communities.