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The Sacrifices of War and the Sacrifice of Christ (Hauerwas, 2015)

“The sacrifices of war are no longer necessary. We are now free to live free of the necessity of violence and killing. War and the sacrifices of war have come to an end. War has been abolished”

The End of Just War: Why Christian Realism Requires Nonviolence (Hauerwas, 2016)

Why Christian realism requires the disavowal of war – “Christians do not disavow war because it is often so horrible, but because war, in spite of its horror – or perhaps because it is so horrible – can be so morally compelling. That is why the church does not have an alternative to war. The church is the alternative to war. When Christians lose that reality – that is, the reality of the church as an alternative to the world’s reality – we abandon the world to the unreality of war”.

The Death Penalty Assessed: A Book Review (Meilaender, Hauerwas, Budziszweski, Westmoreland-White, Stassen, 2006)

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