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The Naked Public Square Now [Symposium] (Hauerwas, 2004)

“Neuhaus claims, for example, that theology is “the disciplined reflection upon transcendent truth and value that gives significance, perhaps eternal significance, to our lives.” But such an account of theology assumes that you know what “transcendence” means prior to knowing what it means for God to have called Israel from the nations. It is interesting, indeed, how little there is about the Church in The Naked Public Square. If you have transcendence I guess you really do not need the Church”.

Conversations Among Exiles (Brueggemann, 1997)

Our society is marked by a deep dislocation that touches every aspect of our lives. The old certitudes seem less certain; the old privileges are under powerful challenge; the old dominations are increasingly ineffective and fragile; the established governmental, educational, judicial and medical institutions seem less and less able to deliver what we need and have come to expect; the old social fabrics are fraying under the assault of selfishness, fear, anger and greed.

Oral Evidence to Evangelical Alliance Faith and Nation Commission, (O’Donovan, 2003)

I thought that the best point to start off on would be the nature of the purity of the church. I take it that the purity of the Church is something that is an inescapable practical concern to all Christians in obedience to the word of God. We purify ourselves as he is pure. And the question that I think underlies the issues at stake here is how we understand the purity of the Church …

Freedom and its Loss: Hopes and Fears for the Political Order. Gore Lecture (O’Donovan, 2002)

“Freedom” is a term with a range of meanings, and tonight we shall need to notice three of them. First and most formally, it is the power to act, the ownership of one’s behaviour that distinguishes intelligent agents from creatures of instinct. This is a power of individual human nature, and the assertion of freedom in this sense always imports some kind of individualism. We know the freedom-as-defiance of the existentialist philosopher – or of …