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Same-Sex Unions (3): How Is Homosexuality Understood in Scripture, Tradition, and Contemporary Theology? (Humphrey)

The story of Sodom, the “Holiness Code” of Leviticus, the lists of dark behaviours in the epistles, and the more extensive illustration of Romans 1 all register disapproval. The biblical teaching is not unconsciously coloured by cultural norms; rather, it adopts a decisive counter-cultural stand for its time.

Same-Sex Unions (1): What Constitutes A Faithful Reading of Scripture? (Humphrey)

In summary, the Bible presents sexuality as a divinely-prescribed mode of being for human beings, valuable in itself and in its iconic representation of divine-human relations. From the beginning, sexuality entailed interdependence, companionship and procreation; the distortion and strained fulfilment of these good things, subsequent to the Fall, has not completely thwarted the original intent (the celebration of human love in the Song of Solomon, and the explicit blessing of marriage in the New Testament).

Atonement: New Testament Perspectives (Humphrey, 2000)

The grand story of the atonement, like a huge symphony, with an overall shape, and various themes that lend themselves to it, sounds in our ears, compels us to gaze at it like a spectacle, and moves into the depths of our heart.