Power to the People: Orthodoxy, Consociational Democracy, and the Move beyond Phyletism (Bretherton, 2017)

“In this essay I will reflect on the twin problematics Mount Athos presents us with— that is, how to live faithfully at the intersection of two time zones and how to live in overlapping and intersecting political spaces—in the context of thinking about the relationship between Christianity and democracy. These reflections will serve as a prelude to some constructive suggestions for ways in which Orthodoxy might faithfully conceptualize its relationship to democratic politics in liberal states characterized by religious and moral plurality”.

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New Christian Zionism (McDermott, 2018)

Interview transcript

00:15 McDermott’s interest in Christian Zionism
03:55 What is the New Christian Zionism?
06:55 McDermott explains his book The New Christian Zionism
16:10 History of Christian Zionism
25:00 Importance of Israel as a legal nation
33:30 Are the concepts of Zionism and Israel as a Jewish state racist?\
43:20 Theological implications of Christian Zionism